Poems For Roberta Blackgoat
Poems For Roberta Blackgoat
by marc frucht photo by jake

these poems are from a ChapBook I published
in the '90s called "I Slurp My Coffee."
I hope you have as much fun reading them
as I did making them.

  • Marco
  • Journal Poem 21
    Ram Dass and Denny's Dishwashers,
    Driving to Santa Fe.
    Hindi Hostel, Dine.
    A humungus stirfry.
    Hotsprings, headaches &
    Hindu hippies in a hogan.
    Dayglow Daisy's on a bus.
    Hootenany Green! Hibernating a
    Hurt shoulder; pickup hitchers:
    Duck & Lizabeth Santa Fe to Boulder.
    A Cochiti drum shucking corn all day.
    Frybread and honey, a des(s)ert of
    Pottery. Shards of southwest.
    Directory assistance, gas,
    Grapefruit and pomegranite
    In Hotevilla, Arizona.
    Red clay on a Black Mesa face.
    This particular medicine man
    Is a blind woman. She's quite
    Hard of hearing too & very aged.
    Canyons make great ampitheatres
    FM drops right out though. Wonder
    Is my guitar the only music this
    Canyon's heard in centuries?
    Mutton, noodles and potatoes in
    A broth & bluecorn frybread with 
    Coffee. Out of honey; almost the
    Breakfast of champion 

    Must read. - Brenda Norrell's
    "Big Mountain To Baghdad"
    Ruffled not only Peabody Coal's feathers,
    but Bechtel's and assorted others!
  • Brenda's blog
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    Martha Redbone's,
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    Mark Dyken's songs
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    They rawk!!!

    Army, the only place I know
    Where ladies room's nothing 
    More than a men's room with
    The urinals duct-taped shut.
    Cedar wood and mud warm and
    Cozy... toasty dry despite
    Winter under and above clay.
    How do you reclaim a uranium 
    Mine?!? City park? Golf -
    Course?? Sod farm???
    Coffee and a warm sweetroll
    At Tuba City Truck Stop.
    If your herb garden grows 
    Slow and late it's a thyme delay.
    Did you know that "wonton"
    Spelled backwards is "not now?"
    What d'ya call a whatchamacallit
    Shop? Just that.
    Last All-Hallows-Eve the baby
    Sitter went as a leather  mouse
    What're you?? I'm a mud bog.
    Or was that a ground hog?
    Tse Bonito and Window Rock...
    Ancient tourist traps...
    Oraibi... the oldest...
    Taos, Tuscon, or Taylor...
    Which is trendier?
    Electric cello: like Woodie Guthrie
    Walking into Karaoke nite at Lulu's 
    Luscious Locust, 14th and Ave. X.
    C&W music in a major way...
    Conway Twitty's where I get 
    Off this ride. & change channels.
    6-Foot Wedgie plays a gig at 
    The Russian Lady restaurant.
    Que concept... like cranberry nut
    Frybread. Paul Harvey is like the
    Faded fotocopy of Will Rogers.
    Woke up with either pigsnot and
    Venom, vim and vinegar or Just 
    A whole bunch of vigorous
    Vitality. Or was it just the
    Vidal Sassoon???
    Homemade blood sausage. Takes guts
    To eat. Taste good, like a tender
    Spinach leaf. I'd try anything 
    Once... that was my once, like a
    Sliced intestine full of leftovers.
    If squash is 1 of the 3 sisters,
    She must be the short one.
    Bacitracin can't compete w/ pinon pine sap.
    And JC Penier, clothier to the 
    Mallrat knows nothing of KMarticus,
    The bluelight king of Upholstry;
    Neither knows thing of braintanning.
    So Navajo Nation's only radio station
    Plays hit kicking country. Western.
    You know you need a bath when
    The sheep won't let you in the pen
    If even 2 let them out.

    Click here to hear the song I've dedicated to Roberta
    in Realaudio format; or here to hear it as an mp3.
    And now as a .wav also. :)

  • & Now, with all new .ogg vorbis
    View a quicktime clip from Emily and 
    Sarah Kunstler's movie "In The Name 
    Of Security" where targetting of civilian 
    infrastructure in Ramallah is discussed.
    Sound familiar? To me it sure does.
    If you need help drawing the parallel 
    between Palestine and Big Mountain, 
    Arizona, let me try to keep myself
    from feeling sick to my stomach as 
    I just say the following decade: 
    The UN declared Israel a state in 1948. 
    1943 marked the beginning of US demands
    that Israel be created.
    April 24, 1943, the US Gov't arbitrarily 
    enlarged Hopi District 6 to 631,000 acres 
    and all Navajos living within this new 
    boundary were then ordered to move. Over 
    100 Navajo families got deported by federal 
    agents as the mass slaughter of their 
    livestock continued. 
    Prior to this date, the Hopi and Navajo 
    people lived amongst each other with 
    little or no disputes ever recorded.
    In 1948, the states of Wyoming, Colorado, 
    Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona divided the 
    available upper basin water flow among 
    I don't know if you're aware of this, but many 
    jews believe that Israel as a state should NOT 
    be built until the Messiah comes. They consider 
    the state and the "temple" as one and the same, 
    and have been calling this blasphemy since its
    "arbitrary inception."
    When I lived on Hopilands with Navajo families 
    there was a dispute raging which far eclipsed
    the perceived "Navajo/Hopi land dispute."
    An internal one among different clans of Hopi.
    The Hopi government was breaking ground on a
    multi-billion dollar gerentology ward, thanks
    to a 600 million dollar grant from Peabody 
    Coal Company backed by the US Gov't. Is this 
    something one wouldn't expect from Hopi people? 
    Certainly not ones who remember living with 
    their great grandparents and sometimes even 
    their great-great grandparents - you heard 
    me right. An old-folks home. Huge, massive,
    shiny and new. And tall!
    Am I reaching too far for these parallels or 
    do I need to shake you by your shoulders for
    you to see what I see??
    It is with a heavy heart that I, an 
    american, say:
    Look anywhere in the world including 
    your own front and back porch and see
    if you can tell me each and every problem 
    near you doesn't have its roots in US 
    foreign policy.

    Pictures of Jenin and Nablus are just as indicting,
    by the way. View one more quicktime movie about
    that, thanks to Sarah who along with her sister
    Emily documented enough to have you on the edge
    of your seat for days.

    (OK, hours. But you get my drift...)

    Does anger have taste?
    Car's down 'til roads clear.
    December the freezin' season.
    2-8 a.m. only good times to drive;
    Least bit of thaw slides you 
    Big Mountain, thrown off a horse;
    Hauling water & hay for the elders.
    Fixing hay shack, chopping wood.
    VW microbus' 1st gear freezes stuck.
    'Til 10am or so. (so cold & dry.)
    Jan. 7, 1992. 9am. Lamb born to
    The sheep who looks like Don King.
    Denny makes coffee for wider eyes;
    And 85th monkey follows the wind
    Pondering the 4 directions. Red, 
    White, yellow and black; Nevada,
    Mexico City, Washington, or Spain.
    James buys Edensoy in Winslow's 
    Art Colony Fish Hatchery Homeless
    Veterans Shelter. Vanilla's good;
    Original's not. Run cooperatively
    Sells bikes and skateboards too.
    Customary cleaning woodstove each
    Sunrise. Ash is for the outhouses
    Always keep hot water on in case
    Company comes. And the door key 
    Hangs from lower branch of a tree. 
    What's yellow, black and white?
    Headache and much noise. "Don't herd
    The sheep near the uranium wash," 
    Auntie says, "makes them act wild."
    Well, you would too if you had those
    Told my guardian angels are spiders,
    Whales, porcupines, buffalo, crows,
    Badgers, turtles, bats & dolphins.
    Roasted pinons; like chestnuts the
    Size of roasted coffee beans.
    "Nova" means food in Hopi.
    "O" is yes in Navajo. "Ba" is bread.
    Go figure.
    So what's red, white, yellow and black?
    Pomegranite in a wash full of

    Here are a couple/few
    guestbook entries...
    Date: 2002-05-10 04:32:40
    Alyssa Schweda ( eMaIl@aDdReSs / no homepage) wrote:

    Hey I know you don't know me but I had the honor of being her great grand child and was very proud. She died April 23 and I would like to thank you for your poems.

    Date: 2002-04-25 05:10:06
    Valerie ( eMaIl@aDdReSs / no homepage) wrote:

    I know you don't know me, but my name is Valerie. I am a great-granddaughter of Roberta Blackgoat. I just wanted to thank you for all your poems dedicated to her. Saddly, I must send you this news that she has now passed (April 23, 2002). But, I as well as my family would like to send our thank yous.

    Monkey and Bull make meal of
    Pomegranite, potatoes, pineapple & peppers.
    LL Zamenhof worked Pepsi's graveyard
    Shift til the day he died. Poetic.
    Death not for lack of irony.
    For growing calamity, asks Esperanza,
    Does one need fertilizer?
    Removes tongue from cheek.
    1477. Chris visits Iceland inquiring
    As a wannabe Portugese picking up
    Waterfront gossip of "the NewFound Lands."
    Looks like Lawnmower Man on valium.
    Vacation - Grape Cod. Dwelling on payola,
    Punkrock, and plasma in Adobe Abode.
    Hystorically, a bladder bag full of bull.
    Mother Earth, you are beaux, bela, belle,
    Beautiful - Where's Dr. Esperanto
    When you NEED him??
    Peabody Coal purchases Cavenham 
    Forest for a copper penny.
    Mrs. Farthing leaves a pie on her porch for
    The plutonium miners. Make mine a strip so
    Spineless as a Portugese Man O'War, now if
    That ain't the scumm calling the scummsucker scummy.
    Sage tea makes sore throat to merely a wet
    Groggy flemmy thing; yet Dire Wolf offers
    12-page thesis on Yak semen.
    Can God hear you in a Hindu Ashram?
    "Yes," yells Yayo. She's 12 and SMARTER than you.
    Fiesta. Laguna March 19, 1992
    They say you'll be led by children.
    Haiku: Zuni Moisture Dance
     Mudhead Kachinas - Laura,
       Yayo, HasKey Tso.
    Sweatlodge. Madrid, NM
    2 FAS children flying a kite.
    Filthy fake fony false hair follicles
    Now fact thanks to Rogaine.
    Or was that Reagan??
    Nancy's war-on-drugs:
    Rhymes with moron thugs.
    Open Mike is playing at the Chez What Cafe. 
    Who IS this Open Mike?
    Just some honest Joe?
    Stench fries and fillet of potatoes at
    The Full Spoon Cafe.
    And Bo Diddley's cook wears wine-red 
    Dingos pouring sherry in Mrs. Farthing's Chowder.
    Pampa, TX. Letting go of Police Brutality -
    Release, relax, relief.
    2:30 a.m. Katy reads poetry for tips at the 
    Omaha Greyhound.
    Makes 2-bucks on "Bernalilo Blues."
    Mytho-philosophical street poems.
    How do they make coffee in Nowata?
    Strong - same as Coffeeville.
    Trivia question: who's face on $5
          Thomas Jefferson or Johnny Cash?
    Movado watch with moon minute hand,
    I straddle the corner of Florence
    & Normandy contemplating cops.
    A house full of cat-tails never falls;
    And Medina pours Mecca a 20 oz. cup of
    Mocha java.

    This section's called: "All things Roberta." 
    Just everything I could find all over the
    net that other people have put about her. 
    Til I have a chance to explore each page I'll
    just have the clickables on the words you see here.
      [signed, marc]

    Read Johnny Rustywire, for sure. You'll LOVE it.

    marco capelli is proud to serve as an online spokesperson for the
    NAMMYs ("He's alright for an anglo." -- John Benalli

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