S o f f t y F a s n f f t o f
Some Old Folk For The Young Folk & Some New Folk For The Old Folk
A Full length concept record in the Folk Genre. by Marco Capelli Frucht

I've been searching for an accessible way to give "virtual cardboard" to all the people who stream and download my music. I can tell you that no one in the industry has found a way yet. When you go to places like iTunes, Amazon etc, you get the one image that I agreed to for "thumbnailing" & that's it.

I worked so hard at making real album art, that it's a pity you can't get all that when you download a song too. Because I know if you're like me, the thing you miss from old LP rekkids is the ability to lay there in bed, or sit on a sofa and while the turntable's wailing, read all the notes.

Well here's a way to at least see them. Contact me directly if you want an actual physical copy of the CD, or so far the one place you can have the thing drop shipped to you is at CDBaby who I really like and appreciate. They're in Portland Oregon near where I used to live too! Although I've only met a few of them. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/marcocapellifrucht2


 1. Labyrinth	2:15
 2. Song Song	2:13
 3. Love Me for My Heart 2:53
 4. Swedish Folk Song	1:11
 5. Drinking Gourd 3:24
 6. Fry Bread	2:21
 7. Verseless Song	0:59
 8. Little Things	3:05
 9. Manitou	1:46
 10. Philosophical Song	2:50
 11. Eyes On the Prize	3:54
 12. Let My People Go	4:42
 13. Chiapaneca	1:14

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