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Promo Song of the Week -- A Mashup: Googoodolls + Sublime. Divided by 2. [ .mp3 | CD | Linernotes ]
Corporate media, corporate music, corporate government, fuck all a y'all...

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    "The Microsoft Sound"
    (In case you ever need to replace yours.)

    "AYBABTU: All Your Base Are Belong To Us"
    This song is just a hook,
    you'll hear it. . .

    "Follow (The Drinkin' Gourd)"
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    Were You There [ .mp3 | lo-fi | . ]

    poems for Roberta

    "Vals" Composed by Bartolome Calatayud.
    .MP3 Stream | .RM | .ogg
    El Pueblo Unido ( arranged by marco )
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    Calatayud's Lamento Gitano (Solea)
    .mp3 | .m3u | .rm | .ogg
    "Bury Me Not" (folk rewrite)
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    "Kumbaya (Updated)"
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    Melanie's "Close To It All"
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    "Love's Gonna Carry Us" by Fred Small
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    Because I love my country,
    I fear my government;
    So until further notice:
    I mirror this sight -
    In Two Places.

    1, 2.

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    Ziggy's Little Drummer Boy. [ .mp3 | CD | Linernotes ]

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    "Babyloncity.mp3"genre: Folk

    mp3's at flag - oggs at radio4all - lyrics - zine - request it at Pirate Radio Ann Arbor.
    "Father And Son"genre: In Your Face
    lo fi play.MP3
    > Lyrics
    .ogg (hi-fi)
    Dedication: Little Bush Junior. "I'd like to personally thank George Bush for being himself, which pisses me off just enough to write songs like this."
    -- paraphrase of Klee Benalli accepting a NAMMY award.
    "Guerillas In The Lobby"genre: Indy
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  • A folksong. I never expected all this "police state" type stuff to come true...
    A friend of mine engineered and produced this in the upper west side of manhattan. Check out the drums. They were done on a Korg M-1 if I remember right. Do they rawk or what???
    "the Critical Song"genre: Folk Punk
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    Click Here For Lyrics.
    CD: Marco's Homemade CD
    "UpriseSinging"genre: Pop
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    Songs From A Book Titled Uprise Singing
    "Hey Mon"genre: Folk
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    "The Other Side Of The Mountain"genre: Folk
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    Folksong. I wrote this for a friend not knowing she was an excellent singer. Recorded it with her taking verses and harmonies.
    CD: Bay Beach   Label: Pwop! (Pending. Waiting On Arrangements)
    Credits: W&M Marco Capelli. Sung by Marco and Staci Charles
    "Boceto Andaluz"genre: Guitar
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  • .ogg
    CD: Untitled   Label:
    Credits: Produced and Engineered by Carl Franklin.
    "Presidential Pretzel"genre: Folk
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  • a presidential pretzel; leather brown with gold leaf trim
    Label: Indymedia
    "McDonalds"genre: Pop Vocals
    Illegal .MP3
    "They Serve Food Hot, You See..."
    "Caramba! Habanera"genre: Guitar
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    "One More Song"genre: Folk
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    "short song"genre: Folk
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    This might be the shortest...
    "SOA"genre: Folk
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  • A folksong about the School of the Americas
    CD: unreleased   Label: Public Domain Records
    Credits: Patrick Moore with the mixdown engineering.

    "Sonata"genre: Guitar
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  • .ogg
    Written by Fernando Carulli in the middle 1700s.
    "Chiapaneca"genre: Guitar
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    A song about a girl.
    "The SOA WaffleHouse Massacre"genre: Folk
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    A Song About School Of Americas
    PirateRadioBroadcastOf"WHM" [.OGG] [.MP3]
    Lower fi's [ 64 | 32 ]
    "Konetiuk"genre: Folk
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  • A folksong about Connecticut.
    Credits: Another Carl's Marc's Production.
    Engineered by: Carl Franklin.
    I made the .RM of this with Sonic Foundry's Soundforge Software. (a Madison, WI company who's not doing too well right now. Help 'em out if you can, eh?)
    "Philosophical Song"genre: Folk
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    Sometimes I title this song "My Philosophy."
    I wrote it a millenium ago.
    "Estampa Gitana"genre: Solo Instruments
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    CD: Untitled   Label:
    Credits: The part of Israel Horowitz was played by Carl Franklin.
    "Minuet I"genre: Guitar
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    CD: Untitled   Label:
    J. S. Bach!!!
    "Frybread" genre: Indie Pop/Lo Fi
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    Like many great folksongs, this one's about food.Dedicated to Gladys Oberg and Roberta Blackgoat.
    Credits: Produced by Carl Franklin
    "Frybread (Chorus)"genre: Folk
    The voice you'll like on the chorus here is my friend Patrick's son Matt.
    "ExTras" genre: Doo-Wop
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    Kllr Tmts (ogg)
  • LetMyPeopleGo
    I'll Never Bomb
  • You'll hear 'em.
    Credits: Arranged AND Performed by Marco Capelli
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