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              / this portion, translated from the\
            ./ spanish, first appeared  in Sputnik\.
    In February I wrote an article on the Grammys and I put in my zine. At the beginning of March I realized that a development group took my content and changed it to reflect their corporative structure, but took the line and put it in www.i-tribe.com, which does not seem that it continues working. One fell more or less in September. But I was bother by this for like about 35 seconds. Literally they robbed my work out of me, they altered it and altered it as if theirs and they used it to generate only God knows how many hits that they left him to whom it knows that, who knows how much money without never paying even a penny to me; not even a "thank you very much." But luckily, the anarchist which I take within me left triunfador and she made me feel flattered of which these people have considered my original content the sufficiently good thing to conquest it. If you look for the word usufructo in the dictionary, you can be given account of what goes on in " the United States " for more than 400 years now. Any way, I did a WHOIS to be able to be thank them and just to request to them if they could put a modest mention in some place of which the author of the content was I, when all of a sudden the site came down. I am going to assume that also they robbed others, and some of those people may have even been more facist about this than I. And what bad luck, because I had a strong sense that my new model of treating this kind of event truly is worth the trouble. It think about this, they did a little of editing and they tracked info by which others receive a fortune. And they did it gratuitously. Of the things I'd written that month and published on the Web, that was the one that they identified as "finished copy," print-worthy perhaps. Possibly all the others of that month weren't even worth the trouble to be published. If I began to ego-surf looking for absolutely everything people robbed me of, that surely could add a pile of safe bets in articles that I could pay out to magazine and book publishers, right? To look for in the network the notes that only I consider sufficiently good, but no one else, would save lots of time, now lost writing by hand, faxes and pdf's, eh? Feedback like that you cannot buy. I maintain firmly my copyleft. [look at www.dsl.org to know what my hero thinks on the matter; and go to cheshire catalyst's pages ://spacey ideas com to read opinions similar to the "copyleft" movement.] As I said, it seems to me very unfortunate that we must depend on the corporative model of conquest while we go in the way. Perhaps I should have sued requesting that if I win, they pay me $90,000 a year plus benefits to seat me in my own house to be listed as one of their main producers of content, no? I know I was just flattered enough to feel good about the whole thing, right? But I think you understand my point. I let the whole thing go. There is a million possibilities other than what I did and what I could have done, and even though we too often fail to see more than Coke/Pepsi options (there is really no need to sue or boycott them).
    \this next portion is what sat in i-tribe except / \they'd hacked it up into a gazillion pieces, / \taking out anything that might've offended / \ their corporate mentalities. / \ I'm not bitter. Do I sound bitter? I / \ guess it sat there drawing traffic / \ until they changed their sight over/ \ to soft core porn. / \ Figures. /
    "We didn't need any help from protestors to fail [in Seattle.] We could do that on our own." --Mike Moore about WTO "It's embarrassing when people march against capitalism." -ibid. /2days episode/ /of ATI is not/ /sponsored by / /LOTSA COLA - salt free, made with purified / water : canned /by Metro Bev./ Co. inc. Columbus, OH Calif Cash / Refund, $1.35 __________/ *MUSIC-AWARD CEREMONY REVIEW* HAVE YOU TRIED STAPLES? ATI gives you live-via-television coverage of the 42nd street YAMMMies. (Young Americans Making Mature Music awards.) Hey TLC, God is blushing. I have to say that if you didn't have secret service support I just KNOW you wouldn't've climbed those stairs dressed up all in your booty like that. And while I'm on it, J'Lopez! What _WAS_ that?? Why bother to wear clothes, then? You might've just come out in a towel and dropped it in exchange for the envelope you and David could use to cover your OWN private parts. I mean c'mon I know Cher started it and all, way back when, since you and I were knee high to the tall grass, but ay yay yay. This is got way out of hand, girl. If music means that little to you, except as afterthought and so much window dressing, then why not tell NARA you don't want the thing and let us humans compete on a level playing field, ok? Nice to know the Pixie Sticks have a firm grasp on kinda country, kinda pop, kinda hip, kinda hop. Not too edge, not too bland, this one's just right for MH-1 TV. Really, I thought I was watching a Stryper video! [Math was done by the law offices of duchovney, lopez, aguilera, aguiler and aguiler.] I wanna thank Sony for owning 1% of all the minerals pulled out of the ground to make each and every CD, even indies and blanks. Go Christina go. You must be reading on at least a 7th grade level by now. What year did you graduate? And now it's time to try really hard to make it look like I'm not reading a tel-e-prom-p-ter. Quick Christina, act like you just suddenly found out you won. If you say "My gosh, you guys," one more time I'm gonna throw a Tickle-Me-Elmo doll at you. I do have to say your evening dress was much classier than Lopez'. Marc Anthony, Ricki Martin, the Iglesias Boys: Yeah, let's honor latin music for at least ten minutes, eh? If we keep at it everyone'll sound like Charo meets Herb Alpert. I'm STILL waiting for Menudo Man to write a song that DOESN'T sound like a soccer anthem. I don't mean to be too slammish, I like some of what he does. Just too bad he's bought and paid for; I'd love to hear him speak his mind someday. "Mi amiga???" "Quiero Taco Bell???" Rosie O'Donnell, pardon my french, you're an insensitive asshole. Nice to see Billy Joel out and about. If you're wondering what happened to him, he thought the next little thing he might dabble in would be a little classical piano the way Garth Brooks can try a little pro ball. Bit off a little more than you can chew there, Billy, Didja? Maybe some more piano lessons would help you get over the embarrassment. Teach your child about the effects of commercial music. You got the right one, baby. Uh uh. BSB, you guys are more retro than you'll ever know. What's with the store-bought classical guitar though. Get real. Call me. 7-Up. The Un-Musical. The now-owned-by-coca-cola. CDNow.com - where music almost happens. Pay us later, or pay us now.com. Wherever there's dry skin, more people undergo lay-offs & corporate buy-outs at Cheesborough Ponds LLC. And the winner of looking like Barbie HasAHissyFit, Faith Hill. Man, I feel like a french fry. No matter where you go the Chevy Tracker'll cost you around $100 a month to insure. Web without wires - a perfect fit for music without, er, uh, music. Like fishing without a net. Just stick in your head and open your mouth. And the winner for song of the year - Jon Benet Ramsey. Is there a ghostwriter in the house? The price for a song these days. $1500 The look on her face when she can't even tell her spouse or her mom for another ten years she wrote it? Priceless. There are some things money just can't buy. For everything else there's ASCAP. I mean Folgers. I mean CitiCrank. Sting: I'm not a bass player, but I play one on TV and vinyl. Neil Diamond. Saved by the Geritol. (not a major slam, at least his toupe matched. Elton's was horrid!) Father of at least a handful of rockstars. Screech! Do you believe in life after TinPanAlley? Record of the year: Santana. Well...it's about dang time. Give the guy some credit. I mean despite "bought and paid for" he still manages to somehow get the message out. Because, and this is important to me now, you may have missed this if you blinked, THE MUSIC IS THE MESSAGE. Look out - it's almost Rage Against the Machine. We're an American Band. Last nite in Little Rock, Tipper Gore looked up Shirley Manson's skulgrl skirt. Hey she found Kid Rock. Who knew? Be glad it wasn't Mini Me! Music+Economic slavery+Apartheid=YAMMMYs. Need I say more? OK, I will. For 40% less hair, it's Pfizer Corpse, with all new WetChemical InAPlasticThrowawayBottle. Heinekin, it's all about the Batman. "When I was 18 I was at the Wynn Dixie saying 'paper or plastic.'" Yeah, right Rosie. 2 things. And sorry, they didn't have plastic yet, and you were being agressively groomed for Broadway and TV I'm sure. Tell the truth, Rosie. Who went to Wynn Dixie FOR YOU??? Or did you do that for a whole summer once "to learn the value of a dollar?" I haven't wanted to call someone a schmuck in 10 years. I won't start now. British Spares, what's with those robots? I thought I was watching "Saving Private Ryan." Gee whiz Hit'ny. I didn't learn how to blow my lines lipsynching 'til I was at least 22. Music is a magical gift that we must market multi-level on the internet. Each year I have the great pleasure of owning the exclusive rights to at least 40 new human beings. Harry Belafonte for World Activist, humanitarian and all around great guy. Hard medicine. Hard medicine. Johnny Lee Hooker. Somebody get that man a Pepsi. Mitch Miller, too cool. Sing along! Arlo got his mom's hair, or what? And now that he's finally paid off his IRS/FBI/USA bill, Willie "Here-hold-this-Dorito-bag-while-we-blue- screen-a-Bosnian-baby" Nelson. How cool is that? It is my distinct pleasure to get frowned at by Billy Joel and Michael Bolton at the same time. Seperated at birth or what??? Clive Davis and Willie too for that matter. Elton John, Disney's part-owner yet, or not? Lord Elton, Sir. Make me one promise, Sharon. Please say you'll NEVER write a song for me when I die. Yammmys: I could list two or three places where there's a more controlled environment, but I'd better not. Heiney, it's all about the Beerjamins. Death by Chocolate. Moose with attitude. Sounds like Devil Went Down To A&M Records; He Was Lookin For a Song To Steal. And now for something culturally different. Why do I get the same feeling as when I'm in Epcot center? Don't touch the help. Don't ask them too many questions. "Don't touch that door; there's nothin' in there for you... Ummm... Security!" George Benson, I hope when I'm about your age I can still jam with people like Erika Badu. Heck. I hope I can still do an Eb minor scale! Lever2000 for all your family's temporary agency jobs. Sorry, I'm a tad cynical tonite. Meet me at DQ. No lie, the first place that ever called the police on me for playing my guitar for tips on the sidewalk. Carlos and Rob thank you for not lipsyncing. I felt it. Music - make it real : Or else forget about it. Best Metal Performance: No Scrubs by Black Sabbath. Biggest Expenditure of the Defense Budget: Iron Man by Brit Spearz. Hey! Whose waist is smaller, you think; Lauryn Hill or Bob Dylan? Santana for Clive Davis. Long live John Coltrain. See? Despite Bought/Paid... NARAS If you play Saran Wrap backwards on a turntable you get A Grammy!
    Well, that's the rant I wrote right after the grammys. (well, during AND after, actually...) It sits in the zine at: http://www.etext org and http://bancs.lod com

    Anyone know how to find the old website that's been taken down? ati @ etext.org
    And me? I always take the less traveled road. Manitou Springs. The place I've
    written so many songs about. And this is a wire sculpture I did at UConn. It's
    called EggPurse, can you figure out why?
      Ah, Barr Camp. $7 per nite and all the books and guitar you can read/play.
    Only hitch is it's 9 miles up Pikes Peak mountain. Only way up is to walk it.
    And speaking of travel, this road-weary bunch is either heading to or from
    the School of the Americas.
    Have you ever sat in on an Allen Ginsberg class in either Colorado or NY?
    Well, I hate to sound morbid, but you're too late now. Ah, change the 
    subject. Have you ever seen a moose pee? I was camping in the White Mountains
    with my mom and she handed me a camera here and said, "go get a picture of
    whatever that woman's photographing. It was a moose taking a twelve minute
                                                            leak. I'm serious!
    Some banks aren't evil, right? Well this one doesn't hold anything back.
    I didn't put this flag like this, I swear. I'm told an upside down flag can
    mean "I love you," or "I'm very distressed," depending upon where it's put.
    If you look closely on the door to the right of the flag there's 10 Moses
    quotes and an explanation of why this landlord feels they should be plastered
    everywhere people mill about. OK, I think I know what this guy's trying to

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