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    All of the nammys pics were taken by my friend Michael Gelfand.
    April Whittemore won Miss Indian World the year the Nammys 
    began, and Bobby Robertson is just one of the best recording 
    and performing artists ever.
    Here he's jamming with Walela.
    I'd have that look in my eye too if I was watching while Rita Cooledge and Bobby Robertson share a stage...
    Joanne Shenandoah and Richie Havens, wow. Two of my biggest inspirations the past couple decades. Richie's doing that percussion thing with his foot and singing Jimi's "All Along The Watchtower," and Joanne's either... ...singing something from her "Matriarch" album or saying something activisty with much eloquence. Joy Harjo and Poetic Justice. Wow. You've never heard saxophone and poetry mixed together this well anywhere else. Natay and well, let's see if I've got this right. Bobby Bee was a rockstar in Xit and his son Tom is in Boys On The Rez, or is Tom from Xit and Bobby's the rapper? I'll never keep track... Hey Wayquay, you promised me a poem by snailmail. Where is it???
    I honestly don't know which whacks me out more. Seeing Carlos Nakai racked in music stores under "New Age," or hearing Williams and Ree do their comedy schtick. Listen up, NARA, BMI, ASCAAP and Harry Fox; take note. Kenny G new age? Yes. Yanni new age? Yes. Nakai? NO!!! Get it, got it? Good. And me? I always take the less traveled road. Manitou Springs. The place I've written so many songs about. And this is a wire sculpture I did at UConn. It's called EggPurse, can you figure out why? Ah, Barr Camp. $7 a nite and all the books and guitar you can read/play. Only hitch is it's 9 miles up Pikes Peak mountain. Only way up is walking. And speaking of travel, this road-weary bunch is either heading to or from the School of the Americas. Have you ever sat in on an Allen Ginsberg class in either Colorado or NY? Well, I hate to sound morbid, but you're too late now. Ah, change the subject. Have you ever seen a moose pee? I was camping in the White Mountains with my mom who handed me a camera saying, "go get a picture of whatever that woman's photographing. It was a moose taking a twelve minute leak. I'm serious! Some banks aren't evil, right? Well this one doesn't hold anything back. I didn't put this flag like this, I swear. I'm told an upside down flag can mean "I love you," or "I'm very distressed," depending upon where it's put. If you look closely on the door to the right of the flag there's 10 Moses quotes and an explanation of why this landlord feels they should be plastered everywhere people mill about. OK, I think I know what he's trying to say.

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