Topic? "School Violence."

       Hola, I'm prime anarchist and I have a very short
       column for you this week. This 'zine has been 
       put together by Patrick Moore, Marc Frucht 
       and Brazilan artist Latuff. I hope you 
       enjoy it, and more: 
         I hope it enlightens you, pisses 
       you off, or opens some dialog 
       that couldn't have happened
       without you.
         Pray maybe all three?
       prime anarchist
       since '88

following page 
is for Pat's, 
Marc's or 
eyes only. 
  If you are 
someone else, 
kindly cane, 
flogg or 
and get 
out of 

  Just kidding.

Have a nice day...
a hostage situation at a Taco Bell, Subway or McDonalds.
  A mailman strangles a dog. A pro football team's favorite
tight end rapes a teenager.

  A Connecticut CEO shows up to work on a Monday morning
and blows away the only 4 or 5 people in the whole company
being paid more per year than him. An airline pilot feeds 
his wife into a tree-shredder and brings a hip-bone shard 
into the DA's office, slaps it down on the table saying, 
  "here, I killed my wife. Bet you can't prove it." 

  He can't.

  Off-duty cops bash in a Catholic Bishop's head with a
piece of large cement, letting him bleed to death just
outside his house, just like the training manual taught.
  & Denver's TCM announces an annual doom-festival 
where every day between MLK's birthday and April 20th 
is open season on all blacks, hispanics and jews in
honor of Adolf Hitlers 420 birthday.
  What's going on in America today? Take your pick,
any one or more of these probably showed up in your
morning news just now.

  What IS going on in America?

I could begin with a quote.

  Quotes are good. Quotes are handy. Quotes are 
acceptable especially to academics and assorted 
other polemical people, oh, and grantwriters 
making their living spending lots of time and 
even more tax dollars getting to the bottom of 
what's going on.
  Perhaps we should appoint a "what's going 
on czar."
  But that's not the quote. I hope you're ready 
to hear this.

"When President Reagan proposed in the spring of 1981 that some minor changes be made in Social Security benefits to help reduce the most rapidly growing program in the budget, the Senate immediately voted 95-0 to discard the proposal without further consideration. The reason - an outpouring of letters, phone calls and public cries from Social Security recipients that the system represented a contract between the aged and the government that could not be broken."
Bruce W. Kimzey wrote this in his 1983 book Reaganomics. It sounds like I'm trying to say that there's economic reasons for a child to pick up guns and blow peoples' brains out. Well it does, doesn't it? How can I put it in the shortest, most concise, easy to understand lingo? When we decided to rob everything of value from our youth and our elders, we ruined everyone's future. Adults can't see that, they're too close. They're too busy working their asses off at shit jobs "for the man" to put "bread on the table" for people they think and hope they love. But kids can see it. Just put on a Sex Pistols record. "No future! For me! Or anybody else!" I offer no solutions in this 'zine. You should be smart enough to figure out and implement those yourself. If you're not, well that's your problem. No it's everyone's problem. That's why I care so much. I'm not here to enable you, but dammit, I'm gonna try to empower you. "is your school safe: warning signs" sign #1: are high-visibility students given more privilige than average students? sign#2: are the children of wealthy parents treated differently than other students? sign #3: are athletics rewarded at the expense of academics?

I was born surrounded by "armed citizens"
You've seen the headlines: "Economy Strongest 
in 40 Years"... 
  "Unemployment Lowest In Decades"... that sort 
of thing. From the way they read, you'd think 
we had money flowing out of our pockets. 
  However, there have been more layoffs and 
plant closings in the past 10 years than in 
previous history. Yet we see optimistic stories 
and headlines. 

        [click here for more text...]

I learned that [a gun] means strength.
Imagine if you will: you enter your classroom. 
Your homeroom teacher calls the class to order. 
Roll is called, then your teacher tells you to 
look at the TV screen in front of the classroom. 
The show starts, introduced by a teenage boy, 
appropriately attired for the era, and a thin, 
seemingly vibrant young woman. 
  "Wow! TV during school hours," you think. After 
a few minutes of chatter, you're invited to taste 
the colors of the rainbow. "How can I do that?", 
you wonder. Eat candy. Some more chatter occurs, 
then you see Michael Jordan reaching new athletic 
heights. "It's the shoes," the ad proclaims. The 
boy and girl return, wrap things up...

  until tomorrow.

This is no odd dream. This is the way a typical 
school day starts for approximately eight million 
teenagers, grades 7-12.  
        [click here for more text...]

I see guns on movies all the time. Seems fun to shoot people.


I will use first names only. Jasmine was dating Darryl.
  Darryl's Afrikan Amerikan; Jasmine Puerto Rican. 
Darryl's twin brother is named Deane. On the basketball 
court they were given the nickname Heckel and Jeckel. 
Back then I never thought there was much harm in it. 
They didn't seem troubled by it either. Craig is White 
(or "Anglo you could say...) and he also has a twin 
brother Carl. I swear I'm not making any of this up. 
I don't have to. All are seniors with me that year. 
Or was Jasmine a Junior? No she was our age.
  Craig and Carl would taunt Jasmine endlessly 
without mercy from fall 81 until early 82. (maybe 
February? many details lost to time and cobwebs 
and all that) Terms like "niggerlover," and "oreo 
cookie" were used just about every day for months.


  Lunch. I ate "second wave" of three and had a 
studyhall first and third. It was "first wave" 
and I was walking by the cafeteria to get to 
the men's room when it began.
    [click here for more text...]

I play games where I can kill many creatures, including humans.
Rowan High-Jinks : An account of one personís time 
at Hattiesburg High School, Rowan Campus

(Dedicated to Mrs. Andrelle Nicholson, who had 
the unmitigated gall to reject one of my original 
compositions and give me an "F" because she thought 
it was copied, and Mr. Wally Gregg, who took upon 
himself the task of suspending me from school 
without so much as the benefit of a hearing, 
or even telling me.)


For my part, I was one of those that scored unusually 
high on achievement tests, but did poorly in classes. 
There was just not enough in the HPSD to keep kids 
like me from looking outside the window, because the
classwork was so goddamned boring.

When I graduated in 1982, I began to discover what 
the HPSD failed to offer. I took my ASVAB in 1984, 
and scored high enough to have my pick of any job 
in the military I wanted. I chose communications. 
In 1987, I began working as a direct support 
technician on FM tactical radio equipment, which 
was a prize job. I was only one of 5 in the entire
battalion qualified for such work.

Frank Zappa once said, "If you want to get an 
education, go to the library." I learned more 
in the Hattiesburg Public Library than I did 
in the classroom.
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People are teasing me in school. With all my background, I know exactly how to deal with them.

There you have it. You've probably got more questions than answers right about now. But then that's probably good. Most of these children do too, don't they? Here's to the beginning of real dialog...
"America why are your libraries full of tears? America when will you send your eggs to India? I'm sick of your insane demands. When can I go into the supermarket and buy what I need with my good looks?" --Allen Ginsberg
mAybE iT's aBoUt tIme wE fOunD oUt...

Artist statement:This five 
image essay won't intend to 
be a final formula for young 
violence, but perhaps it can 
clarify some aspects of the 
serial production of trigger 
happy teenagers in the USA.

All images - Latuff 2001. This material can be reproduced for educational and informative purposes only.
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