Here's One Huge Honkin' E-Record Album

by Marco!

18dec03 - better page is at: for now.

28mar02This'll mostly look like just a page o' links 
for a while. "So much to do, so little time to do it
in.  -- Willy Wonka

I realized I have songs all over the net in such dis-
array that sometimes it takes me soooo long to find
one to refer someone to it. Every format you could
imagine. .mids, .wavs, .rms, .mp3's. So far everything
but ogg vorbis. Hmmm. Gimme time to figure that one 
out and I'm all over it. 

So rather than hire someone to fold, collate and staple
up a CD, pay off Britney, Clive and Metallica for a
record deal, and the usual protection money to Best
BarneyCuttySarkSmirnoffBrothers, I figured I'd draw
you up a cyber-map of sorts.

So here's the best place to start if you're looking 
for songs I've composed, things I've covered, and 
stuff I've recorded.  Heck, dig around, you'll probably 
find a poem or three. 

& Maybe someday I'll put this in alphabetic order 
for you or something.



OK, you begin by searching for my name in google with "mp3" added in. If this doesn't narrow it down enough, you use ".mp3" instead. Up comes a zine with the following reference: There's a better format of that song now at: if you care to hear it in something closer to my own voice. The wav was a little higher pitch than my true singing voice. Also I have three slightly more "upbeat" songs at now.
Then there's a link to the ://
site where you can "click thru" to:
and get many songs that you won't find 
on the site. 

Hmmm. Not sure you want to go thru
all that "" stuff, so I'll give 
you a link right here to get my song 


Other songs I've written refer to SOA or 
School Of Americas, you'll probably find 
them further down this page. I don't want 
to put them all here in one tight spot 
because I really do want this to be a 
journey of sorts... 

Kind of like when you bought your first album. Peeled off the shrink wrap maybe -- placed it on your turntable and took a comfortable sit or recline and start listening to it. Maybe it's in some perfect order song by song that you understand right away, or maybe it's not. That's the point. Leave it just like that for now. Maybe it doesn't make any sense.

Maybe consider this page itself the linernotes.

Well kind of weird looking. Cross between looking at a Melanie Safka album or an old jazz record with a note from Nat Hentoff and some strange pictures and stuff all over it.


LastNightIHadTheStrangestDream mp3 .rm

Georgia On My Mind mp3 .rm

The song "AYBABTU" can be found at:
I didn't write the concept but I wrote the song itself. You'll see other indymedia references all around here.
We'll get into that later.

Here's a song I wrote for Katie Sierra. mp3 .rm

And this one's inspired by Black Sabbath's "War Pigs." PigsWar.mp3 .rm

Would you like to hear my version of Nina Simone's version of Billie Holliday's "Strange Fruit?" mp3? rm?

The%20Microsoft%20Sound.mp3 wav! Ok, this one needs a little bit of an explanation. It's the file windows95 used for when you booted up your computer. I made a parody of it using just a cheap acoustic guitar, a microphone, and some soundforge tricks. :)

And america.mp3 is a poem that will sound a little familiar to you if you've heard a lot of poetry. It's a parody of Allen Ginsberg's "America."

"Black Mesa"

A song about a place I lived in 1991 and 1992.
Near the cereal box states' corners.

"Four Little Girls." mp3 rm

Dancin' On The Ruins...

Click here for a birthday present I gave the IMC.
We turned two the other day. --happybdayimc.rm

This one's called "Guerillas In The Lobby."
It has a four-letter word in it. So don't download
this song unless you're over 18.

Come to think of it, where IS my cover of "dancin' on the ruins?"
  Oh, there it is.
     Is a different version I did too? You betcha.

Ah "Hey Mon," my pride and joy. The music to this
song was in every soundblaster as a .mid file from 
91-94. It was titled "Reggae.mid." Messian Dread thinks
it's the worst reggae song he's ever heard in his life.
He even questions whether it's reggae at all. I can't
agree with him more. It's a folk song. Voyetra corporation
are the ones who chose to call it reggae.mid.
  And incidently, they didn't pay me even a penny for it.
I'll bet they think because I live in voluntary poverty I
"won't miss it."

  A poem about Ingrid. Recorded live at a performance at
a UU church in Washington, DC.  --.rm

"Mueslix" A parody. To the tune of the "Juicy Fruit" commercial.

If you'd like to read about why refused to allow me
to distribute it through them, read here.

I won't tell you about this song. I'll just tell you the title 
is "No!" (and yes, the exclamation point has to stay there.)!.mp3

The "Other Side Of The Mountain" song. Not only
is it dedicated to Staci Charles, it was written
for her, and she sings every other verse and I
back her up on the chorus. I hope you like this.
My friend Carl says it reminds him of the song

If you're surfing with a graphical browser, you see me playing 
a very cheap guitar (my homemade "backpacker") on some awfully
spooky looking steps, right? Yes, they're in Georgetown, and 
they're the very steps Father Damian dashed himself down in
"The Exorcist." 
  The ticket on the face of the guitar is from a Pete Seeger
concert in Providence, RI which was a tribute to folksinger
Malvina Reynolds. There's also kokopellis all over this guitar
using the decoupage medium which my ex-wife taught me a few 
years ago. There's pictures from old "Sing-Out!" magazines
and antique guitars, and even a 29c Elvis Presley stamp. By 
the way. That was a major scandal because there's such a large 
populace who believe Elvis never died. 
  Shame on the US Postal Service -- rumors of his early demise 
may or may not be greatly exaggerated, eh? Oh, that? Yeah, 
that's a lava-lamp. Above the concert ticket? It says "THIS 
MACHINE Eats Vegetables."

I guess here would be a perfect place to put my cover of the
song Ripple by the Grateful Dead.

It's also up at the opm part of flag.
"OPM" stands for "other peoples' music. :)"

My cover of Jackson Browne's "Lives In The Balance" is in
there too.

Here's some more classical.
This one's called "Revelation 13" and
it's an original composition based on a Norbert Cox
sculpture I watched at the Neville Museum one Sunday
afternoon. It's a tone poem of sorts. If you don't 
have access to the sculpture right now, listen to 
this piece while thinking about Revelation 13. You'll
see what I mean, I think. is a spoken word piece.
I didn't write it, but it's true to everything I've felt my whole
life. It's Woody Guthrie's piece that people have made posters and
coffee mugs of. Listen to it, tell me you don't agree with him.

It's beginning to look a lot like "Xmas" a song about rampant 
consumerism. I wrote this last year on Halloween when I saw 
all the pupkin stands start dumpstering perfectly good orange
squashes so there would be room for the truckloads of Christmas
trees from who knows where. 

And now I should tell you about the first realaudios I ever put
up on the net: they're at my main page which
my friend Carl designed. And here's links to them in the order
they appear on the page. You can hear them fine in anything above
realaudio 5.0 which is I believe the first version that supported
Linux Mac and Windows. And as long as you're on something at least
as fast as a 14.4 connect you should be able to hear these ones 
fine. The .rm's above, I don't recommend unless you're at somewhere
between 28.8 and 56 or higher. And yeah, you cable and dsl people
don't have to even think about these things. You can just click on
stuff and watch it go into your hard drive just like that. hehehehe

Here are the clips from my front homepage.
Please make any comments to me in a guestbook
I have in denmark. (Don't worry, I don't keep 
track of any cookies or personal info or anything, 
and I won't send you any replies unless you ask me 
to specifically.)

Download RealAudio Player

Little Things -Original.

Old Folk Singer -Unknown.
(28.8K) (56K) (T1)

How Come? -Marion Harris.
(28.8K) (56K) (T1)

Frybread -Original.
(28.8K) (56K) (T1)

Would you like to hear a little boy named Matt singing my "Frybread" chorus?
Matt's my friend Patrick's son who lives over there near Tupelo. He and I
were in the army signal corps together. I have to say, he's the only one I served
with who I kept in touch with after I got out. (Same thing as a .wav if you're interested.)


Here's J20BushHillbillys song. Um. How do I describe it.
During demonstrations I called DC Indymedia and sorta just
turned the phone toward my guitar and my mouth, and I sang
it. (remind me closer to the guitar next time. Other than 
that it was a great recording.)
  "It was a presidential pretzel, 
   leather brown with a gold leaf trim."
   And of course, being a folksinger, I 
   wrote a song about it. 

Here's "Let My People Go," and "Let My People Go (Unplugged.)"

Here you'll find Some Of My Audios At Indymedia

  SOA A Folksong
  Parody: To "One Of Us." (with lyrics)
  CNNsorship  This is "propaGANNNNNNNda"
  PigsWar  (with lyrics)
  Song For Katie Sierra
  Masters Of War (Instrumental) 
      ("Three guitar tracks. Nothing fancy.")
  Masters Of War (2 versos) For Swedish activists
  El Pueblo Unido "Can never be defeated."
  The Wafflehouse SOA Massacre  An Arlo Guthrie Tribute
  [poem] Ballad Of Kerouac and Farrakhan 
  Risin' Up  with lyrics and chords
  Dancin' On The Ruins  partial
  Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  Lo-Fi Folksong about Barcelona
  Happy Birthday IMC For their 2nd anniversary
  Why? Trance, very ethereal. A tone poem.
  Poem: "My City" by John O'Connor
  Poem: "Dwarf Tossing." About Iran/Contra
  Parody: oops, I did it again. I told too much truth...
  Song For The Harvard Strikers A David Rovics Coversong  
  AYBABTU (all your base are belong to us)
  Sweet Home AlabamaSong: (soa parody) 
  Georgia On My Mind (another soa parody)
  Pharaoh's Army Got Drownded
  Here's Why All Courts Should Disallow Audio/Video
  Go Team A Chant about Enron
  Bush Bless America By Latuff and Marco
  George Of The Jungle
  Bloody Police Hands; Papua New Guinea? 

 got links??

PartyTown Radio
The Little Brother Radio Show

 Wanna hear some hot kickin' jazz? Click on the word Joanarchy 
 to hear songs from Jo's CD titled: "Mutually Assured Distraction." 
 (yes, that's a pic up there of Jo "kickin' out the jams.")