Benedict Arnold
This statue stands in front
of CIA Headquarters.

Early Life and Career

For Our Country

A Sad Chapter in History

Benedict Arnold

Some say intelligence gatherers or spies come from the most unlikely backgrounds, and I guess that applies to me.

Early Life and Career

I was born Jan. 14, 1741 in Norwich. I was OK at sports and scool, but not really interested. I got to Yale at 14 but dropped out to join an Indian-killing militia, but don't tell my mom. I usually worked many odd-jobs at the same time, but my favorite was as druggist's apprentice. Didn't like Yale much, but met lots of cool girls. When the American Revolution broke out, I joined one of them there militias. Hey, it was either that or get involved in the Trench Coat Mafia or Hammerskins, right? Anyhow, make a long story short, I marched my 7th Conn. to Massachusetts, where they made me a colonel! And to think, my cousin Nathan only made LeftTenant so far. My boys gathered up some sheep and along with Ethan Allen's Furniture Boys, we kicked some limey butt capturing Ticonderoga on May 10, 1775. We won the battle but England won the war so I changed my citizenship fast as I could. Good thing for thinking on my feet, 'cause would you know, they made me Vice President three times in a row? My cousin? Well we don't talk about him much. New London burned down the Nathan Hale School House in 1969.

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